Pull SMS

Pull SMS

SMS Short code administration is fundamentally utilized for lead era or getting inputs from the clients. Short codes are basically a 4 digit number. These numbers guarantees the most noteworthy throughput for any cross system informing administration. They rely on upon to a great degree fast direct network. A flat out must for conveying premium instant messages.

Numerous organizations use sms short codes to run their versatile promoting effort since they permit customers to message back to any messages got. This encourages client cooperation and two way correspondence, which constructs connections, client reliability and produces numerous open doors for focused versatile promoting.

For the most part two sorts of short-code administrations are accessible, devoted and shared. Committed short codes are utilized for one client and shared are utilized among a few clients and in view of watchwords traffics are occupied.

Dedicated Short Codes

Committed codes are selective to your association. They can be utilized over various battles and clients can make the same number of catchphrases as they require. Devoted short-codemaking it simpler for clients to contact the association.

Shared Short Codes

Represent a low cost solution for organizations wanting to realize the benefits of a Short Code. Shared codes are used by more than one customer. Customers simply request the keywords they require to allow access to their services

Short Code SMS smart, fast and simple
User friendly GUI control panel to view messages
Competition & Voting
Product feedback or promotions
Two-Way communication with sales force, Engineers and suppliers
Customizable welcome or reply message
Forwarding of messages to email or other number at minimal charges
Export responses to your desired format like Excel, PDF

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